Below is a list of graduate courses taken at the American University School of International Service.

Capstone Project
  • Venezuela: What’s Next and What to Do?
    • Worked with a team to produce a policy book for a Washington client.
    • Recommended best practices for civil society to sustain and expand operating space in the foreseeable political context.
Research Methods
  • International Affairs Statistics & Methods (SIS-600)
  • Political Risk Analysis (SIS-750)
    • Analysis of political risks to a defense-sector investment in Ukraine and risk mitigation recommendations.
Regional Concentration
Europe & Eurasia
  • State Building (SIS-619)
    • Comparison of independent state development of Romania and Ukraine as derived from their relative levels of autonomy in the Soviet Union.
  • Empire Past and Present (SIS-619)
    • Separate analyses of: Austria-Hungary organizational structure; Understanding of disease and climate in the British Empire; Understanding of imperial competition in 20th century fascism.
  • Challenges to European Governance and Politics (SIS-676)
    • Analysis of conflict between EU green energy initiatives and policy goals in Germany, Poland, and Hungary.
  • U.S. Foreign Policy in Latin America (SIS-653)
    • Policy Memo for U.S.Peru cooperation against Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) fishing.
Thematic Concentration
Nationalism, Identity, and Ideology
  • Frameworks of Comparative Politics (SIS-672)
  • Comparative Political Economy (SIS-673)
    • Study of the uneven socioeconomic results of globalization in Bolivia to explain the re-nationalization of hydrocarbons.
  • Democratic Decay and Authoritarianism (SIS-696)
    • Case study on the quality of Lithuanian democracy and trends in civil society.
  • Transforming Cultures of Conflict (SIS-619)
    • Narrative analysis of the development of Venezuela‘s political crisis.
  • Post-colonialism, Race, and International Relations (SIS-628)
    • Assessment of continuous relocation of the Frontier in American mythology to sustain expansion through ideology.
Skills Institute Workshops
  • Honing Analytical Writing Skills
  • Acquiring/Managing Consulting Projects
  • Project Management with Agile